Too Much Snow?

February 7 2015

There were local drag races happening today, so we wanted to get out of town before the local trails were all beat up. We decided to head for Chipman. I don’t think I slept the night before. I get all cray cray when we are heading out on a big trip (first one of the season), and couldn’t wait to unload and get going. We all met at Kent and took off down the 15 for the new 719. A few new sleds joined us today. Mark, Rick, and Mel.


Trail 719 was punched through by the snowmobile club last season, and it is a really nice drive from Nashwaaksis to Marysville. Anybody that was around years ago in Fredericton would know it as the “old shooting range”. A quick stop to get the blood flowing in our fingers again, and to double check the itinerary , and we were off.


From the 719 to the 42 and 15, we stopped along the way a couple of times to warm up. The trails hadn’t been groomed everywhere, but it was great going. Yes, I know I forgot to take the pricetag off of my new storage bag, so I took a ribbing for that…ugh.


We were still quite a ways from Chipman, so we really had to make good time and we did just that. 70 mph is getting it done on snow when you haven’t been on one in a while. Had lunch at the Queens Count Inn. Food was awesome! Word of Warning. Don’t eat the salad! Makes for a bad trip home when you gotta go out in nature! Check out the insane signage. Love it.






Every snowstorm this year has been complete powder, and when you get this much powder, and get off the trail with these new heavy 4 strokes…you aren’t going anywhere…lol


On the way home, we decided to stop in and check out the drags. These were pretty cool. Great turnout even though it was cold. Torque Motorsports put on the drags, and raised $7000 for the Easter Seals Charity! I didn’t even realize there were this many sleds in the city.


If you didn’t have a sled, you could catch a ride into the track on a couple of little snow busses.



There were vendors selling food, and of course you had the warming hut also to get out of the cold.



There were some new sleds, and a lot of cool older ones along with some awesome toys.







All in all we put on about 150 miles on this day. Everyone made it back safely, so that is a good day all in itself.