Shaking Down a 2015 Renegade Adrenaline

February 6 2015

Well, I took 2014 off to regroup after having corrective laser eye surgery, and it was a LONGGGGGGGGG winter without a sled so here I am back into the sport with a new toy. This winter has had a wicked amount of snowfall in the past month and a half. The only trails closed are basically logging roads that are being used for logging.


I decided to go with the long track (137 in), as my old back is starting to wear out from playing too hard when I was younger. The sled actually has some storage in the way of a dash panel which i like for holding heated visor helmet cables, registration and insurance, keys and wallet. The back of seat storage will hold a bottle of water and snack but that is about it. With the Linq accessory on the back, I decided to go with a storage bag for extra mitts, snacks, maps and whatever else.

The sled is really comfortable to drive and seems like it has power steering as it is easy to turn the skies. I haven’t had a chance to set up my suspension properly, so it is pushing in the turns a bit, and bottoming out on bumps.

We ran about 90 miles on this day. We left from Clarence’s house, and I went 20 feet and got stuck. Turned it around and made another run for it, and went 80 feet, hit a small inch diameter tree and got stuck again…ugh. After digging out, we were on our way. We drove up the 15 to Zealand. Then we crossed over onto the 401 towards Nackawic. I like this trail and it was perfect going. We travelled the 44, and took 419 for fuel and lunch. Heading home, we took 44,  416 and 15 to finish off the day. Along the way, we found one lad stuck in 3 feet of powder as he had missed a 90 degree turn. We made his day easier by pulling him out with the 3 of us.

I didn’t get a chance to use the finger throttle as my forearm was cut playing hockey, but I’m sure I will try that out in the future, as my thumb gets pretty sore after a few hours.

A couple of things I will need next year is a higher windshield, just to get out of the wind to stay warmer on those -20 degree days, and maybe some studs for easier braking and driving up into the trailer.

As far as power goes, it will turn on in sport mode, with its 90 hp engine. We had a lot of snow this year, and the trails weren’t freshly groomed after a 6 inch snowfall. In eco mode, it went around 50 mph, standard mode = 80 mph and in sport mode it will go 85 mph. I’m sure on more of a groomed trail, it will go a bit more, but I’m wishing it had a bit more top end.

Here is a pic of her on freshly fallen snow. My friend Clarence bought his sled last year. It is a 2011 MXZ 600 Ace. Beautiful sled for the trails. Quiet like a 4 wheeler and super good on fuel.