Going Home

March 6 2015

The weather and conditions this year continue to be awesome into March. We decided to trailer to Mactaquac and head North to Clarence’s old stomping grounds. Trails were perfect, temps around -7 C so we knew we were going to have a great day. The battery went in my camera, so I had to use the old cell phone. Still gets the job done for great memories.


We unloaded at a popular spot up by the golf course in Mactaquac, but there wasn’t another trailer to be found. Odd even though it was a Friday. We would meet a few sleds on the trail, but pretty much had the run of the trails to ourselves.


We made our way up to Juniper by way of 44-417 to Nackawic. -416-414-422 and 53 the rest of the way. There was so much snow up there, that the banks on the trail are 4 feet high.



Here we are in Clarence’s backyard. He was telling me his father always had two sleds for them to drive, and he has been riding for almost his entire life. With the trail system the way it is now, you can put on a lot of miles quickly in these open fields.



Every so often, we come across some funny stuff on the trails. I’m not sure what this is supposed to be, but rest assured, I let Clarence go first! lol. There were boards missing, boards running down the middle, boards crossways. It was an engineering marvel!



A lot of cool mountains, but I’m not sure what they were. This one below is actually called Moose Mountain. Actually who knows where we were. Basically in the middle of nowhere a lot of this trip. The trail system up here is awesome. We took the 53-480-479-477-480-475 to Beechwood.



We even managed to find fresh powder on some trails which I love to ride on. Running way past lunch, we took 12 South into Centreville for lunch.



We then took the 12-461-468-441 to Woodstock, and then the 44 back to Mactaquac.


We had just over 205 miles on the day. Probably one of my favourite routes this season. A lot of nice scenery and great conditions made for a perfect day.