Can’t Feel My Fingers

February 14, 2015

When is it too cold to go out on a sled? Apparently, not when it is -24 C !



My hands literally froze all day so I didn’t get any pics. Next year, I will have a bigger windshield, and handlebar muffs. Until then, I am buying mittens as these gloves aren’t cutting the mustard.

We all met at the Claudie Road and headed for Centreville. We took the 15-44-441-12 Route  to Mama’s for lunch. Food here is incredible.

Any sleds we saw today were mostly hunkered down in the warming huts, or on their way to or from…


On the way home we took the 44-53-360 to Coldstream, and then the 422 and then the railbed on the 15 for about 150 miles round trip.