Annual Trip To Murray’s Restaurant

February 21, 2015

We had to be back in town by 3:30pm ,but we knew a season isn’t complete without a trip up to Murray’s Restaurant.

I sometimes feel like standing up when I ride, so I’m looking into getting a riser for my handlebars. We ran into a guy at one of the warming huts, and he was talking about how much money you have to add to a sled in aftermarket parts. I wonder if it is all part of their evil plan.


We travelled from Fredericton to Woodstock through the 15-733-44-441 and 12. Trail conditions continue to be A1. You can’t ask for a better sight than the forest after a snowfall. And yes, I now have mittens.



Hard to believe this will all turn to water and boats here in a couple of short months. It has been cold for 1.5 months so river crossings aren’t much of a worry this year.



Some of the nicest trails on the 417.


Big crowd at Murray’s for lunch. Fuel prices have been hanging around $1 per litre all winter, so that has made it easier on the wallet. Crazy how expensive everything is.




Coming home, We took the 44-464-460-422-15.

I need to get a better picture of this, but this is an incredible view. This picture doesn’t do it justice.



Another cold day…another big crowd at the Millville warming hut.



Sleds have an evil look to them.



All and all, we put on about 140 (s)miles on.