1000 (s)miles

March 20, 2015

Put 1000 miles on this winter! Best winter by far that I have had for snowmobiling. Every snowstorm has been cold fluffy snow. I took a bunch of video on my Polaroid Cube, but I think the cold got to it, and its dead. Another $200 down the drain. I guess I should have went with the more expensive goPro. Another lesson learned.



The fab five did a run to Juniper and had lunch at the Governor’s Table Lodge, and yes Mel had some desert…LOL. I Had the tasty Shepards Pie. This is a cool restaurant. Some interesting things hanging on the walls…

IMG_20150320_121240 IMG_20150320_121217 IMG_20150320_121158 IMG_20150320_121135 IMG_20150320_131047

Heading into the lodge, we were the first on the trails after having 6 inches of powder down. That was crazy fun driving down in there. Coming into Coldstream for fuel, it was just like we were on another planet. The sun had melted all the snow on the sides of the road and it got ugly for a few minutes.



We came across some pretty wicked machinery on some logging roads. They had 1/2 the forest cut down here.




On the way home one of the guys (Mark) ran out of gas. His tank gave him a false reading, so we learned a lesson there. We need to get a syphon hose! lol.  The cool part of the story, was the graphics on this sled that stopped to give us some gas. Good folks from Rusagonis. We will pay it forward. Thanks!



Fast Mover:

Clarence sold and bought a new sled in less than a week! He decided to move up to a 2014 MXZ 900. He was completely happy with it. A little harder on fuel than his 600, but once he tried mine out, he was sold on the engine.


Long Day. 205 miles. Paying for it now! UGH.