2015 Spring Ride Serpentine Lake

April 9th, 2015. YES, you read that correctly…

Talk about a great winter for snowmobiling. Who knew we would be still going at this time of year after getting off to a slow start in December. The snow just kept coming. I was watching the news the other day,  and they were explaining how and why we were in a cycle of Sunday and Wednesday snowstorms all winter.

We saved a trip to Serpentine for the end of year ride. It would be just Clarence and I as the rest of the crew were out a couple of days before. We knew we were going to be in the middle of nowhere today, so we made sure to get lots of fuel.



We decided to unload just outside of Boiestown, but as soon as we got out of town, it was just like we were on another planet. Mud and grass in the city, but nothing but snowbanks in the country as we headed North.

We followed a local trail for about 12 miles to hit the 58. It was a bit hard from the melt the previous day, and then the cold during the night. My sled was having a hard time getting snow up on the tunnel for cooling without studs, but it wasn’t overheating. I will have to get scratchers and studs for next season. This season was pretty much powder every time out before this so it wasn’t an issue.


We headed North towards Serpentine Lake and the trail was smooth and perfect. We were still around the freezing mark in the morning. Here is where we met the 58, and it was freshly groomed.

IMG_20150409_115100 IMG_20150409_122212




This would be my first trip to the famous Serpentine Lake, and it was awesome. The view from this lodge is like no other around these parts. The trail system comes in at the famous “4 Corners” with trails coming from the North-South-East-West sides of the province.

IMG_20150409_141532 IMG_20150409_141543

Just at the lodge, we passed over this man made dam that made for a pretty impressive view.


We were greeted by this friendly hound. Nice looking fella.



The famous lodge and its sign and views. The driveway itself had 5 foot high snowbanks. We were talking to a fellow from Bathurst and he was saying he was going to ride somewhere in May just to say he did it. The warm weather would kill the year before lack of snow. The guy who owned the lodge said they still had 6 feet of snow packed trails. The camera doesn’t do it justice. Standing on the deck of the lodge, you could see literally for miles and miles. The owner told us we had better fuel up as no matter where we came from, we wouldn’t make it back. Apparently, he hasn’t been introduced to the 900 Ace… It won’t be his friend, as it takes him a lot of effort to haul fuel out there, and he counts on everyone to fuel up both their stomachs and tanks to keep his business going. One of the guys working actually drove to work from Doaktown on his snowmobile. How cool of a job is that???

The owner told us the groomer from Doaktown was going to make one last pass and call it a year, so there would be another week left to the season yet…


IMG_20150409_140032 IMG_20150409_133501 IMG_20150409_140340 IMG_20150409_140035 IMG_20150409_140349

After lunch the temperature was about 5-7 degrees which really is perfect temps after a season of -25 C every day 🙂

The snow was getting a little soft by the end of day, but still perfect in our eyes.

With the trail just like your kitchen floor, 85 mph with this big of a cut through the forest is a Sunday drive.


We came across this bridge that was at the bottom of a gully, and it was in constant sun with the boards just like a magnet for the heat, and it still had 3 feet of packed snow from a year of heavy snow, cold temps and no rain. Even the side hills that were hit hard by the sun every day still had snow on them.




Here are a few more pics I took. The old cell phone will have to be replaced with a new camera for next year!





IMG_20150409_145103 IMG_20150409_145547 IMG_20150409_112807


Well that is it for the 2015 season. Today we put on 140 miles.  I put on about 1200 miles and Clarence said he had about 1500 for the year.