2016 Slow Season

February 23, 2016

Well, it has been a slow season for snow. We had about two weeks total that the groomers ran locally, and I just kept waiting for some white gold, but it never came. I was so busy this year, that I thought I might not even get out once, however, I decided to get a few rides in up North which we usually hold off on until spring anyhow, so it’s all good.

I left Fredericton in a pair of sneakers, and it wasn’t looking great, but once we got out into the country about 30 minutes North, we started to see some snow.


We decided to unload in Holtville and drive up the local trail to the 58. It was a ROUGH 10 miles until we came to the Renous Highway and then it was like a different planet. We decided we would head towards Serpentine and have lunch at Governor’s Lodge in Popple Depot.



Clarence was telling me that the Federal and Provincial Governments, along with the town of Saint Quentin and the NBFSC all pitched in money to buy two groomers and open up trails in the in Mount Carleton Provincial Park area. The project involves trail improvements and infrastructure supporting the establishment of a centralized grooming hub. We found some new signage showing the new trails, but they weren’t groomed which was perfect going for us!


There were a few inches of fresh snow down, and only a few sleds had been by, as we headed for Governor’s Lodge in Popple Depot.


IMG_20160223_121907 IMG_20160223_121239 IMG_20160223_115457 IMG_20160223_115454


We met up with a couple of friends for lunch and it was a picture perfect day.

IMG_20160223_123933 IMG_20160223_123944



Total Miles: 140