Heading to the Miramichi!

March 4, 2016

We decided we would do a longer trip today and trailer up to the Miramichi, and head on up to  Bathurst, and even further to Beresford. When we left the Miramichi, the trail was brutally hard but flat. We crossed a few brownouts in open fields but for the most part, it wasn’t too bad going. I have scratchers that I will have to put on before I make the next trip, as I sure could have used them today. We took the 52 to Nepisiquit, and then the 19 up to Beresford.



The trails were surprisingly good the further we went.


We had lunch at Atlantic Host. Wow, there must have been 50 trucks and trailers in the parking lot. You couldn’t find a spot that wasn’t full and the restaurant was awesome.

IMG_20160304_132831 IMG_20160304_133144 IMG_20160304_133147

You know you are in sled country when the hotel has a loading ramp. đŸ™‚



After lunch we headed West to towards the Chaleur Club, and then down the 301 past the Sugar Camp.

We were so far North we saw Santa!!! LOL

It is somewhere right about here that I’m kinda wondering if Clarence has any idea where we are. The guy must have a compass in his head, because there is no way I could get us back to the truck from here.


The clubhouses in this area are nicer than my house! It seemed like on every corner in the middle of nowhere, we saw clubhouses, with restaurants and fuel. This is the heart of snowmobiling in New Brunswick.

IMG_20160304_164804 IMG_20160304_143724 IMG_20160304_141057

The trails are vast, and we probably saw between 100-200 snowmobiles on this day.

IMG_20160304_161121 IMG_20160304_155435


Even with the 900 Ace engines, we would have to fuel today, which means we were having MAXIMUM FUN


Total Miles: 210.7