The Fab Five Back Together!

March 12, 2016

I’m not 100% sure our wives believe us that we are going snowmobiling, as there is literally no snow in Fredericton. My lawn is green, but the boys want to get out on one more drive for the season. Possibly our last.

We were able to get a group of us to go today, and met up with Mel, Rick and Mark which we snowmobiled with pretty much all of last winter.

With trailering a must this season, the plans today include unloading in Doaktown at B&L Restaurant and heading towards Serpentine. Things were looking good as we unloaded. Lots of sleds heading out at the same time we arrived.



I am always the first one to tell anyone who complains about trail pass costs to go whistle up a gum tree, but today was one of the worst rides, I have ever been on, at least for the morning run. It turns out there has been a few groomer breakdowns along with everybody and their dog travelling the trails in this area, because of lack of snow.

We drove 75 miles on just what Clarence described as 1980’s snowmobiling. Up and down moguls that just about killed us all.

Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of snow. We even had to stop and help this guy out who tried to turn off trail.


We only made it to Smith Forks and decided to stop there for lunch. There were quite a few sleds there doing the same. One of the guys opened up a chocolate bar, and the chocolate had all been shaken off the bar…lol. My apple was a complete mush mess.



Already exhausted, and knowing we had to drive back over those bumps to get home we decided to head back, and it was only 2pm! Rats!




So we drove up about 10 miles and stopped right where the trail was last groomed, and I looked at Clarence and said, I’m not going home yet. I don’t care if we have to drive back and forth on this 10 mile patch, but this is my last ride of the season! Isn’t there any other trails we could try?

Well Mel knew this old trail from a long time ago, they used to run on, called Valentines Road or something like that. We drove down in there, and it was completely groomed!



We met some people on the trail that had just come from where we wanted to go, and they said it was smooth sailing all the way to Blackville! YESSSS.

We would run to Blackville, cross the highway and then take the tracks all the way back to Doaktown. Hardpacked on the tracks but SMOOTH. This turned out to be a super day, and I can’t even remember the bumpy ride that started the day. I am now ready to put the sled away for the season feeling like I had a few great rides with great people.

Total Miles: 140. Seemed like 340 🙂